Hey there

Name's Adam

I enjoy coding

Currently studying software engineering at Vilnius University

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A glimpse of my previous projects
Isaac project image

Tribal Bindings

A Binding of Isaac Mod

Due to my passion for rogue-like computer games, i've decided to show my affection by sharing a small meme inspired modification with the binding of isaac community.

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Asteroid project image

Asteroids 2.0

A stylized classic

A minimalistic remake of an already barebones mini game known to all, better suited for my stylistic tastes.

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get to know me a little
“For me, motivation is this horrible, scary game where I try to make myself do something while actively avoiding it. If I win, I have to do something I don't want to do. If I lose, I'm one step closer to ruining my entire life. And I never know whether I'm going to win or lose until the last second.”
Allie Brosh

Probably not the best self depiction for a webpage dedicated to showing everyone how qualified you are, but being upfront with anyone who I'd be working with seemed like a better option. Regarding topics and activities I'm passionate about, philosophy, music, and it's production are just an inseperable part of who I've become as they help me get my thoughts and values in order.